Get your social security statement online

By | November 8, 2013

I used to get a social security statement automatically mailed to me each year. After a while they stopped coming so I had to request one and then got it in the mail. For the past few years though I neglected to request a statement and so when my birthday rolled around this year, I decided it was a good time to obtain a statement again. I inwardly groaned thinking I would have to send a written letter again.

I went to the social security website to get an email or physical address when lo and behold, it was apparently possible to get a statement online. The process was actually quite simple. A few questions needed to be answered verifying my name, date of birth, address, previous address, one of my previous employers and in one case the age range of the building I lived in.

To my pleasant surprise, after the questions were answered my statement was available instantly for me to download and print.

Whether Social Security or I will survive till my golden years, remains to be seen. But if we both do, then this little piece of paper tells me I’ve got some money coming…and that’s always a good thing.