Fraudulent Orders from Nigeria | Nigerian scams preying on businessmen

By | April 9, 2013
Nigerian scams are wide and varied. The most common is the email where you are promised vast sums of money by an heir or government official in return for your personal information and a bank account in which to house it. However it does not stop there.

I recently came across a posting where a businessman received a large order for hubcaps from Nigeria. The Nigerian customer asked him to split the amount on two credit cards. One part of the order for over $1000 was charged and authorized and the hubcaps were shipped. Before the second part of the order could be shipped, the businessman got a call from a Baptist Churchasking why he had charged $1000 to the church credit card. He was lucky that he only lost $1000. In fact he had done business with the Nigerians before to the tune of $200. Most likely some other person had been fleeced of the $200 and did not notice the charge on his credit card statement.

It is best to avoid orders from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Lagos. Even Indonesiaand Romaniaare high on the list of countries from which fraudulent orders are placed. Even if your customer from one of these countries wishes to wire transfer the money, you may still not be safe since wire transfers can also be revoked.

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