e-Gift card fraud | beware of fake gift card email scams

By | November 12, 2013

On my birthday I got two e-gift cards from my friend. The second one was purportedly from Macy’s – my name, the birthday message and the sender’s name were all fine and good. It was even replete with all the links, pictures and other paraphernalia of a Macy’s gift card. However the email subject line said it was from ERIC (not my friend’s name that was actually included inside the email).  The Macy’s email addresses were odd. I called customer service and they confirmed that the gift card number was reported as lost/stolen and that it had been refunded to the sender.

I am guessing the scammers were looking to get my Macy’s account number as I was supposed to log in and add the gift card number to it.

So this holiday season watch out for fraudulent gift cards emailed to you. Even if the sender is known to you, make sure it was indeed sent by them.