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Added money saving benefit of shopping online

We know the obvious benefits of shopping online. – Prices are generally lower – No sales taxes in many cases – Easy to comparison shop – Many websites offer free shipping or free shipping to a nearby store – No need to hassle with crowds at the mall especially during the holiday season. However there is […]

Having more money

As a child, I never had a regular allowance for pocket money but I always seemed to have enough. The secret to this was simple. I put money into my savings hoard and didn’t take out much. Saving money seemed to come naturally to me. I guess it was not surprising that I went on […]

Saving Money

As far back as I can remember -I’ve been a saver. As a child I would collect whatever coins were left lying around the house. Any change left from anything I bought on my mom’s behest, also came to me. While my hoard did not amount to much, I can truly say, I never had […]