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Tax exempt short term bond funds | Short duration municipal bond funds

As interest rates inch higher, bond prices will be coming down. Bond values are at less risk when they are of a short or lower duration. If your concern is to park your money for the short term without loss in value, there are lower-duration bonds and bond funds available. Short duration municipal bond funds have […]

Municipal bonds | What are municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are issued by any form of goverment agency that is lower than state level for e.g. cities and counties. The primary attraction of municipal bonds is that the interest generated is generally exempt from federal and state taxes. To compensate for this, the interest paid is generally lower than what you would receive […]

Certificates of Deposit – Non-traditional CDs

Apart from the traditional certificates of deposit discussed in my earlier posts there are other types of CDs as well. Liquid Certificates of Deposit – These allow you withdraw from your certificate of deposit at any time (generally after 7 days as mandated by the government). However you will get a much lower rate. Bump-Up […]

Certificates of Deposit – Different Types of CDs – Traditional CDs

Certificates of Deposit come in various shapes, sizes and flavors. Typically banks offer certificates of deposit based on1. Length of time2. Minimum amount of deposit3. Interest rate Generally the greater the length of time, the higher the deposit. This is based on the premise that you are willing to forgo taking out your money and […]